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Aboriginal Health

Aboriginal Policy and Stakeholder Engagement

Throughout this information the term 'Aboriginal' should be taken to include Torres Strait Islander people.


The role of Aboriginal Policy & Stakeholder Engagement Division (APSE) is to provide evidence based policy advice and leadership to improve health and well-being outcomes for Territorians, particularly Aboriginal Territorians.

We will do this by providing culturally secure, strategic leadership and policy advice within a committed, continuous improvement framework.

The Division responds to the health needs of Aboriginal Territorians and State and Federal government commitments to close the gap. The APSE aims to have a significant and measurable impact on improving the length and quality of Aboriginal Territorians lives by making Aboriginal health everyone's business.

The Division comprises two Branches: Aboriginal Policy and Stakeholder Engagement and has six major functions:

  • Strategic projects 
  • Policy development 
  • Advocacy and Engagement
  • Advice 
  • Research 
  • Reporting and Performance measurement

The Executive Director Ms Wendy Ah Chin is a member of the Department Executive.