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Information for Business and Organisations

What is a Companion Card

The Companion Card is an easy way for businesses and organisations to promote social inclusion for people with a disability and support carers in their role.

Strong support from the business sector is vital to the success of the Companion Card program. Any business or organisation that charges an admission or participation fee is encouraged to consider officially joining the program as an affiliate.

Organisations that do not issue tickets directly may also affiliate with the program. For example, a venue owner or funding body may make it a condition that all venue users or funding recipients comply with Companion Card affiliate terms and conditions.

 NT Companion Card Scheme

The NT Companion Card Scheme will form part of a National Companion Card Scheme with consistent eligibility criteria and reciprocal recognition of the card across all States and Territories.

The Companion Card Program also operates in the ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC and WA.

What is a Business Affiliate

Business affiliates are businesses, organisations, events or activities that officially register participate in the Companion Card program. Affiliates agree to:

  • issue the Companion Card holder with a ticket for their attendant carer at no charge;
  • accept a Companion Card issued in any Australian State or Territory;
  • display the Companion Card logo in a prominent position at premises or on promotional material (where possible); and
  • abide by the Companion Card Affiliate Terms & Conditions.

Benefits of Business Affiliation

Affiliation will help you to:

  • enhance a positive public image for your organisation; and
  • demonstrate your organisation's commitment to social inclusion;
  • increase your customer base and encourage repeat customers;
  • assist your organisation to meet some of its obligations under anti-discrimination laws.

Registered business affiliates are listed on the Companion Card website. This provides an easy way for cardholders to locate venues and activities where the card is accepted.

Business affiliates are also provided with promotional materials (such as logos and point-of-sale materials).

What type of business should join

Any business or organisation that charges an admission or participation fee for some or all products and services is encouraged to join.

Affiliation with the Companion Card program is free. Any costs associated with providing a companion ticket are the responsibility of the business affiliate.

What if a business chooses not to become an Affiliate

Affiliation with the Companion Card program is voluntary. Organisations do, however, need to be mindful of their obligations to comply with legislation.

Disability anti-discrimination legislation applies to all organisations, regardless of their or the type of service provided. The Companion Card is a tool that can be easily adopted by businesses to assist with compliance.

Card security

The card has been designed with a number of other security features. Affiliates will be able to use the features to verify card holder information when taking telephone bookings and distributing tickets. Full details of these features will be provided to organisations when they affiliate.

Who is eligible for the card

An NT Companion Card is only issued to applicants who demonstrate they:

  1. are living in the NT; and
  2. have a permanent disability; and
  3. because of the impact of their disability, they are unable to participate at most community venues or activities without attendant care support; and
  4. they need, or are likely to need, lifelong attendant care support.

Attendant care support includes significant assistance with mobility, communication or learning, where the use of aids, equipment or alternative strategies do not enable the person to carry out these tasks independently.

The Companion Card is not provided to people who only require reassurance, social company or encouragement.

The NT Government undertakes an assessment of each application against the eligibility criteria.

How to affiliate

Affiliation with the program is free.

Download and complete the Business Affiliation Form.

The Companion Card Brochure provides information about the program and the affiliation process.

The affiliation form and the brochure can also be mailed to you by telephoning (08) 8999 2757 during business hours or emailing [click here to send email].

NT Companion Card staff are available during business hours to respond to your queries regarding affiliation and assist you in completing the form.

On registration with the Companion Card program, you will receive promotional materials to assist your organisation to implement and communicate your acceptance of the Companion Card.


To find out more about affiliating with the Companion Card email the NT Companion Card Scheme at [click here to send email]. 

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