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The Department's  Media team provides response to all media organisations. The team releases a large number of media releases each year.

Visit our News Archive  for departmental media releases or the NT Government News Room for Ministerial releases.


If you have a media or public relations based enquiry about the Department please contact the following officers:

  • Media Manager
    Media.Dhcs@nt.gov.au or via our web form: Media.Dhcs@nt.gov.au
    Darwin -  (08) 8999 2818 or 0427 596 954  
  • Media Liaison Officers
    Top End Health Service - (08) 8922 8833 or 0419 818 414
    Central Australia Health Service - (08) 8951 5123 or 0401 114 113


Mindframe - a resource on the portrayal of suicide and mental illness

Mindframe is the companion website to the Australian Government's Mindframe National Media Initiative in Australia. The sections of this website have been created to provide access to accurate information about suicide and mental illness and the portrayal of these issues in the news media and on stage and screen in Australia. Visit the Mindframe website.