Territorians tackle healthy weight challenge

23 January 2012

The Department of Health's Nutrition team is urging all Territorians to take up the "one change at a time" challenge, the theme for Australia's Healthy Weight Week 2012.

"One change at a time, means taking manageable steps to reach a healthy weight and improve your overall health and wellbeing," Public Health Nutritionist, Kate Robertson said.

The Dietitians Association of Australia, the body behind Australia's Healthy Weight Week, notes that more than 62 per cent of adults and one in four Australian children are overweight or obese.

"We want to motivate all Territorians, particularly young women, to pledge to take on healthy eating and exercise habits," Ms Robertson said.

"We are focusing on young women in 2012 because rates of obesity for women in the 18-25 year group are 15 per cent higher than other Australians."

Ms Robertson urged Territorians to take part in this year's 10-Week Challenge.

"Our team will be at Casuarina Shopping Centre on Wednesday where a 'Positive Pledge to Healthy Weight Week' can be made on the campaign website. There will also be prizes on offer and an inspirational presentation from one of last year's success stories," she said.

"We're also offering Body Mass Index measurements at Katherine Oasis Shopping Centre on the same day.

 "The 10-week Challenge entails taking on ten weekly tasks to improve our overall health and wellbeing. These include keeping a food diary, eating breakfast to kick-start the metabolism, choosing lower-fat and sugar options, exercising, adding more fruits and vegetables, as well as reducing portion sizes and alcohol consumption.

"We also ask people interested in taking on the challenge to find someone to help support and motivate them to make these changes and stick with them.

"I hope that each week people are inspired to make small lifestyle changes and see real benefits like having more energy, clothes fitting better, or finding walking to the shops easier. Everyone gets healthier in their own way, but the main thing is doing it," Ms Roberston said.

If you would like a Public Health Nutritionist to talk with your community group in Darwin, Katherine or Alice Springsabout healthy weight please contact Kate Robertson on 8973 8946.