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Alcohol and Other Drug Legislation

Acts and Regulations relating to Alcohol and Other Drugs in the Northern Territory


Alcohol Court Act - Download act

An Act to establish the Alcohol Court with power to make particular orders in respect of certain offenders with alcohol  dependency and to make sentencing orders and ancillary orders in respect of those offenders, and for related matters


Kava Management Act - Download act
Kava Management Regulations - Download Regulations

An act to prohibit and regulate the cultivation, manufacture, production, possession and supply of kava, to encourage responsible practices and procedures in relation to the possession, supply and consumption of kava and for related purposes.


Tobacco Control Act - Download act
Tobacco Control Regulations - Download regulations

An Act to restrict smoking in certain public places and workplaces, to regulate packaging, advertising (including through sponsorship), and display of tobacco and other smoking products, to regulate conduct of premises at which tobacco and other smoking products are sold be retails, to prohibit sale and supply of tobacco and other smoking products to children, and for related purposes.

Volatile Substances

Volatile Substance Abuse Prevention Act - Download Act
Volatile Substance Abuse Prevention Regulations - Download Regulations

An Act to provide for the prevention of volatile substance abuse and the protection of individuals and communities from harm  resulting from volatile substance abuse, and for related purposes.

Adbove PDF DocumentNT Volatile Substance Abuse Prevention Act - The Facts