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Alcohol and Other Drugs Publications

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Regular report on alcohol-related harm indicators for public hospitals


Alcohol-attributable hospital admissions and alcohol-related emergency department presentations in the Northern Territory.

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Alcohol Related Hospital Admissions and Emergency Department Presentations to NT Public Hospitals


Alcohol related hospital admissions and emergency department presentations to NT public hospitals over the period 2001 to 2013.


That's Enough Evaluation Report Summary

Thats Enough Evaluation Report


The Central Australian Alcohol Public Awareness Campaign (CAAPAC) began in January 2011. The campaign used a web-centric strategy to provide information about alcohol and alcohol consumption targeted at young people, and as a portal for the 115 media entries that were created by young people. A competition selected 11 winners and subsequently the chosen entries were publicised through TV, radio and posters, as well as online and mobile memes May 2011- January 2012. The campaign used the tag line 'Tell 'em that's enough' in all media with five by-lines which could be used to support seven distinct secondary messages around population health, domestic violence, binge drinking and safe drinking.

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DHF Smoke Free Policy (Adobe PDF document - 59KB)2009The Smoke Free Policy is about providing a safe work environment, protecting patients, visitors and staff from tobacco smoke, and providing help for staff and patients to quit smoking. The Policy will be implemented as of 1 July 2009.n/a

Directory: alcohol and other drugs services (Adobe PDF document - 753KB)

2006The inclusion of an organisation in this directory does not imply approval by the Department of Health and Families of that organisation or its methods. It is essential that users of the directory be familiar with an organisation from first hand investigation before referrals are made. Owing to the complex and varied nature of dependence upon Alcohol and Other Drugs, referral to an unknown organisation may produce unsatisfactory results.Full details

Profile of Services and Interventions Project final report:

Profile of Services and Interventions Project - Preface (Adobe PDF document - 147KB)

Profile of Services and Interventions Project - Chapter 2 (Adobe PDF document - 416KB)

Profile of Services and Interventions Project - Chapter 3 (Adobe PDF document - 137KB)

Profile of Services and Interventions Project - Chapter 4 (Adobe PDF document - 671KB)

Profile of Services and Interventions Project - Chapter 5 (Adobe PDF document - 146KB)

Profile of Services and Interventions Project - Chapter 6 (Adobe PDF document - 349KB)

Profile of Services and Interventions Project - Appendix 1 (Adobe PDF document - 364KB)

Profile of Services and Interventions Project - Appendix 2 (Adobe PDF document - 444KB)
2005The Alcohol and Other Drugs Program (AODP) has a key focus on the development, delivery and contracting of alcohol and other drug interventions and programs to help people with substance misuse problems. $8.5 million is invested each year to provide these services, most of which are delivered through a range of non government agencies across the Northern Territory. In January 2005, the AODP commissioned Health Management Advisors to conduct a review of services and interventions. The objectives of this review were to analyse current treatment services, as a whole and within each region, to determine the degree to which current arrangements meet regional needs. Additionally the consultants would review each service and make recommendations about meeting best practice where applicable.Full details
Alcohol and Other Drug Services Across the Northern Territory (Adobe PDF document - 864KB)
2008Includes Darwin and Alice Springs contacts in the Government and non-Government sectorn/a
Illicit Drugs Report - A (Adobe PDF document - 93KB)

Illicit Drugs Report - B (Adobe PDF document - 391KB)

Illicit Drugs Report - C (Adobe PDF document - 344KB)
2001Report A: Letter from the Chairperson, Membership, Terms of Reference, Glossary and Acronyms Report B: Executive Summary and ecommendations: 1. Introduction 2. Trends in the Use of Illicit Drugs in the Northern Territory 3. Prevention 4. Drug Treatment in the Northern Territory. Report C: 5. Treatment - The Role and Practical Application of Pharmacotherapies 6. Priority Groups Appendix A - Illicit Drug Taskforce Consultation Report Appendix B - Summary of Submissions to Taskforce Appendix C - Current Services and StrategiesFull details






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