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Tobacco and Smoking

These days, most people in Australia recognise that smoking tobacco causes major harm to your health. We also know that this harm is magnified beyond the smoker when those around them, for example their spouse, children and work colleagues, are exposed to environmental tobacco smoke, otherwise known as second-hand smoke.

"About half of the smokers who continue to smoke for a prolonged period will die early, half of them in middle age when children and grandchildren depend on them, and while they are in the most productive years of their working lives." *

However, even though we are well armed with this knowledge, smoking tobacco is still a major cause of ill health in the Northern Territory. Between 1989 and 1995, nearly 20% of adult deaths (15 years and over) and 3% of hospital admissions for people aged 15 years and older were directly attributed to smoking in the Northern Territory. Latest figures show that 28 per cent of Territorians smoke tobacco products such as cigarettes, pipes and cigars, compared with fewer than 18 percent across Australia.*

This website provides information on smoking tobacco for the general public and health professionals, along with information for tobacco retailers on their obligations when selling tobacco.

For more information on smoking statistics in the Northern Territory, please download the Smoking in the Northern Territory publication.

For further information on options to cease smoking, please visit these pages:

 Read about the Department's Smoke Free Policy.

[*The above figures were sourced from: National Preventative Health Taskforce, Tobacco Working Group (2008). Technical report No 2.Tobacco Control in Australia: making smoking history.]

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