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The Northern Territory has significantly strengthened its Cancer Service in the last few years, with the opening of the Alan Walker Cancer Care Centre (AWCCC) in 2010.  The AWCCC provides the latest radiation and chemotherapy treatments for patients, reducing the need for lengthy interstate travel for the majority of cancer patients. The AWCCC welcomes visitors who would like to tour the facility and meet the friendly staff.  A brochure on the AWCCC is available on our Publications page.   

The Barbara James House is medical accommodation specifically designed to meet the needs of patients undergoing treatment at the Alan Walker Cancer Care Centre and offers a range of hotel style rooms for families and singles. The Barbara James team understand the unique challenges that face a cancer patient and their family, and provide a range of services to assist. Contact the Barbara James House.

The Patient Assisted Travel Scheme (PATS) assists Northern Territory residents to access a range of essential specialist medical / surgical services where services are not available locally, from within the Northern Territory or from a visiting service. PATS provides assistance with travel, and if applicable, accommodation costs to residents of the Northern Territory who are required to travel more than 200kms for the nearest specialist medical treatment.

Multidisciplinary Teams (MDT) are viewed as the 'best practice' model in cancer care and consist of a team of specialists from a range of disciplines with the view to a holistic and patient focussed case management discussion.  In the Northern Territory there are currently three specialist MDT's in the Darwin region; Head and Neck Oncology, Surgery Oncology and Gynaecological Oncology.  In Alice Springs there is a generalist Oncology MDT, which meets regularly to discuss the specific needs and treatment pathways of individual patients.

Clinical Pathways booklets are designed to assist you, your family and carers to navigate the cancer journey.  Available in the five most common tumour streams in the Northern Territory, these booklets map the public health system in the Northern Territory, providing an overview of the tests and treatments you can expect. 

Also available on the Publications page is the Northern Territory Directory of Services.  This Directory includes information about services provided by Government and non-Government organisations including national and Territory bodies representing various facets of the cancer journey.

The Cancer Council NT provide multiple support services for people affected by cancer and have years of expertise in assisting patients through this challenging journey.