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About Giving Vaccines (AGV) Course

Changes to Immunisation training requirements in 2017

 From 01 January 2017 the Northern Territory (NT) About Giving Vaccine Course will no longer be available.

Registered nurses, midwives and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioners who need to complete immunisation training are advised to complete the South Australian (SA) online course  titled 'Understanding Vaccines and National Immunisation Program' or another approved interstate course.

The NT Upskilling Course is available to vaccine providers who have completed a recognised vaccination course or upskilling course in the last 3 years.  Upskill courses need to be completed at least every 3 years.

Please go the government-training calendar.

Government employees               Non-government employees    

Vaccine Providers who completed vaccine training or an upskill course greater than 3 years ago are advised to complete a full course, either the South Australian online course or a recognised interstate vaccination education course.

The following courses are accepted as recognised prior learning. 

New South Wales

The Australian College of Nursing

Immunisation Course for Registered Nurses

Northern Territory

Centre for Disease Control

About Giving Vaccines Course

South Australia

Department of Health and Aging (SA)

Understanding vaccines and the national immunisation program


Australian Catholic University

Certificate of Immunisation Course


Cunningham Centre 

Nurse immuniser course of study  


University of Tasmania

Immunisation Education for Registered Nurses


La Trobe University

Nurse Immuniser Program


University of Melbourne

Immunisation and travel health

Western Australia

WA Health

Immunisation Certification

Further Information

Alternatively, you can contact the AGV Co-ordinator by emailing [click here to send email] 
Phone: (08) 894 48049  Facsimile: (08) 892 28310