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NT Immunisation Register 

CDC Helpdesk.jpgWhat is the Northern Territory Immunisation Register?

The Northern Territory Immunisation Register (NTIR) is based at the Centre for Disease Control in Darwin, and contains details of vaccines administered to adults and children in the Northern Territory since 1991. It also contains some information about vaccines given earlier than 1991 although this data is less complete. The NTIR includes vaccines given to children as part of the National Immunisation Program, school-based vaccination programs, adult vaccines, travel vaccines and vaccines given to special groups of people in hospital.

Vaccine providers including remote and urban community care centres and clinics, hospitals, and GP surgeries are encouraged to send information about all vaccines that they have administered however not all providers participate and not all vaccines are recorded on the NTIR.  Routine recording of influenza vaccine administered to adults was included on the NTIR from 2009. 

The NTIR transmits vaccine information to the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) for all children under 8 years old, and to the National Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Program Register for young men and women who have received this vaccine. In addition, the NTIR serves as a useful source of information for healthcare providers who need to check which vaccines a person has received, in order to ensure that people are adequately protected against vaccine-preventable diseases.

What is the Immunisation Help Desk?

The NTIR Help Desk provides information about immunisation to service providers and members of the public throughout the Northern Territory.

The Help Desk can be contacted by phone on 08 8922 8315 (Top End) or 08 8951 6928 (Central Australia - provided at the cost of a local call) or by fax on 08 89228897. The Help Desk is open from Monday to Friday 8 am to 4.20pm.

How can healthcare providers get access to immunisation records?

Northern Territory immunisation records can be accessed from a secure internet site by approved vaccine providers. For further information download: .Guidelines for access to the NT Immunisation Records Internet Site (Adobe PDF document - 79KB) I docx (42KB)

Access to this site is available to relevant personnel by submission of the   NT Immunisation Internet Registration Form (Adobe PDF document - 22KB) I RTF (106KB).
This must be counter signed by their manager and faxed to 08 8922 8897. Access details will be sent by return email.

Instructions on how to use the NT Immunisation Records web site are available at  How to Access the NT Immunisation Register (Adobe PDF document - 507KB) I docx (622KB)

Can staff from the Office of Children and Families get access to information about children in their care?

Yes, OCF staff can access immunisation records of children in their care by completing the OCF request for immunisation information form (Adobe PDF document - 22KB) I RTF (29KB) which can be faxed to 08 89228897 or posted to NTIR, Centre for Disease Control, PO Box 40596, Casuarina, NT0811.

The immunisation team will clarify whether any catch- up immunisations are due, and if so, will advise that the child should attend their vaccine provider for further advice. Information will be emailed or faxed back to the OCF.

More information can be found at www.informationsharing.nt.gov.au

Who has access to your immunisation records?

Immunisation records on the NTIR are subject to security and privacy principles in the same way as other health information.

Access to the NTIR is only given to healthcare staff involved with immunisation and information about individual records given over the telephone is only shared with healthcare staff involved in the direct care of that individual. 

The immunisation information sent to the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register and the National HPV Vaccine Program Register is also subject to privacy rules.

How do I check immunisation records for myself or my child?

The NTIR contains a record of vaccines given in the Northern Territory since 1991 and a personal record statement can be obtained by telephoning 08 89228315.

What if I had vaccines given outside the Northern Territory?

The NTIR does not contain records of vaccines given elsewhere in Australia and you should contact your previous healthcare provider for this information.

Immunisation statements for children can also be obtained from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR).  Please note that ACIR only holds information on vaccines received by children up until their 8th birthday and did not commence until 1st January 1996. Individuals over the age of 17 may therefore not have an ACIR record.  ACIR immunisation statements can be obtained by phoning 1800 653 809, contacting a Medicare office, or downloading one from:

You will need your Medicare number.

How do I provide immunisation information to my child's school?

A factsheet for parents, detailing information about how immunisation records can be provided to their child's school, is available: Immunisation information for parents (Adobe PDF document - 25KB) I RTF (22KB)