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Translated factsheets

There are some factsheets in the table below translated into Arabic, Bahasa,  Dari, Farsi, French, Hazaragi, Kurdish, Nepalese, Somali, Swahilli and Tamil.

Australian Bat Lyssavirus (Adobe PDF document - 202KB) | RTF  (1802KB)Sep 2013Lyssavirus precautions
Azithromycin for pertussis (Adobe PDF document - 209KB) | RTF (877KB)Aug 2015Antibiotic prevention for pertussis
Azithromycin for trachoma  (Adobe PDF document - 234KB) | RTF (772KB)Aug 2014Information for health care providers
Bacterial vaginosis  (Adobe PDF document - 897KB) | RTF  (43KB)Jan 2011Vaginal infection, Pelvic inflammatory Disease (PID), STI
Barmah Forest virus  (Adobe PDF document - 258KB) | RTF  (29KB)Jan 2013Barmah Forest virus
Box Jellyfish  (Adobe PDF document - 197KB) | RTF  (524KB)Sep 2015Box Jellyfish stings
Campylobacter  (Adobe PDF document - 206KB) | RTF (48KB) (776KB)Aug 2015Campylobacter
Candidiasis  (Adobe PDF document - 888KB) | RTF (44KB)Jan 2011Candida, thrush
Cerebral palsy (CP) (Adobe PDF document - 126KB) I RTF (382KB)Sep 2016Cerebral palsy
Chickenpox  (Adobe PDF document - 924KB) | RTF  (47KB)Jun 2012Chickenpox
Chikungunya  (Adobe PDF document - 265KB) | RTF  (58KB)Jan 2013Mosquito borne disease
Chlamydia  (Adobe PDF document - 912KB) | RTF  (44KB)Jan 2011Vaginal infection, Pelvic inflammatory Disease (PID), STI
Chlamydia - directions for sexual partners (Adobe PDF document - 250KB) I docx (532KB)Sep 2014Directions for sexual partners of persons with Chlamydia
Ciguatera (Adobe PDF document - 225KB) I RTF (797KB)Aug 2015Ciguatera fish poisoning
Clinic 34 (Adobe PDF document - 213KB) | RTF  (56KB)Jan 2014Sexual Health Clinic
Cryptosporidiosis (Adobe PDF document - 207KB) | RTF  (767KB)Aug 2015Gastroenteritis, diarrhoea
Dengue Fever  (Adobe PDF document - 260KB) | RTF  (876KB)Jul 2014Mosquito borne disease
Diphtheria  (Adobe PDF document - 208KB) | RTF  (1364KB)May 2016Diphtheria
Donovanosis (Adobe PDF document - 906KB) | RTF  (45KB)Jan 2011Genital ulcerative disease, STI
Erythromycin  (Adobe PDF document - 165KB) | RTF  (870KB)Aug 2015Antibiotic prevention for pertussis
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) (Adobe PDF document - 203KB) I RTF (34KB)Apr 2014Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Fifth Disease  (Adobe PDF document - 212KB) | RTF  (926KB)Jun 2015Erythema infectiousum (parvovirus), slapped cheek syndrome
Fireworks (Adobe PDF document - 421KB) | RTF  (62KB)Jun 2012Safety tips to avoid causing serious injury.
Gastroenteritis  (Adobe PDF document - 223KB) | RTF  (871KB)Jun 2014Gastroenteritis, diarrhoea
Genital herpes (Adobe PDF document - 909KB) | RTF  (44KB)Jan 2011STI
Genital warts  (Adobe PDF document - 907KB) | RTF  (44KB)Jan 2011STI
Giardiasis  (Adobe PDF document - 207KB) | RTF  (765KB)Aug 2015Giardia
Gonorrhoea  (Adobe PDF document - 132KB) | RTF  (9572KB)Aug 2016STI
Group A streptococcal infection - invasive  (Adobe PDF document - 202KB) | RTF  (773KB)Jan 2016Information about invasive disease caused by group A streptococcal infection.
Group A streptococcal invasive - low literacy (Adobe PDF document - 742KB)Nov 2016Low literacy information for contacts of iGAS.
Hand, foot and mouth disease  (Adobe PDF document - 281KB) | RTF  (531KB)Feb 2016Childhood disease, Human coxsackievirus

Head lice and nits  (Adobe PDF document - 131KB) | DOCX (381KB)

Head lice advice (Adobe PDF document - 2197KB) | TXT (19KB)

Kid's nit booklet (Adobe PDF document - 4033KB) (Adobe PDF document - 4033KB) 

Head lice advice posters (Adobe PDF document - 1050KB) I RTF (2495KB)

July 2016

Headlice fact sheet

Head lice and nits educational resources

Hendra virus (Adobe PDF document - 330KB) | RTF  (49KB)

Jun 2012Hendra virus a zoonotic infection transmitted from horses to humans
Hepatitis A  (Adobe PDF document - 205KB) | RTF  (804KB)Nov 2014Infectious hepatitis, foodborne disease, vaccine information
Hepatitis B  (Adobe PDF document - 210KB) | RTF  (955KB)Mar 2014Infectious hepatitis, bloodborne disease, STI
Hepatitis C (Adobe PDF document - 921KB) | RTF (47KB)Jan 2011Infectious hepatitis, bloodborne disease
HIV  (Adobe PDF document - 944KB) | RTF  (519KB)Jan 2015HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)
HIV post exposure prophylaxis  (Adobe PDF document - 158KB) | RTF  (9576KB)Aug 2016HIV post exposure treatment (PEP)
HTLV-I  (Adobe PDF document - 193KB) | RTF  (48KB)Dec 2005Human T lymphocyte virus
Immunisation recommendations for adults at occupational risk excluding health care workers (Adobe PDF document - 264KB) | RTF (1786KB)Dec 2013Vaccination for the workplace
Immunisation recommendations for health care workers (235KB) (Adobe PDF document - 261KB) I DOCX (44KB)Dec 2013Vaccination for health care workers
Immunisation Register Northern Territory (Adobe PDF document - 223KB) I DOC (35KB)Jun 2015Information for health practitioners - What is the NT Immunisation Register?
Influenza and its prevention  (Adobe PDF document - 251KB) | RTF  (987KB)May 2015Influenza vaccination
Irukandji syndrome (Adobe PDF document - 221KB) I docx (44KB)Sep 2015Irukandji syndrome conists of a diverse range of symptoms than can occur following a sting from one of a variety of types of box jellyfish.
Japanese encephalitis (Adobe PDF document - 136KB) | RTF (9424KB)Aug 2016 Mosquito borne disease, encephalitis
Legionella  (Adobe PDF document - 252KB) | RTF  (1385KB)May 2016Legionella/Legionnaires disease
Leprosy  (Adobe PDF document - 945KB) | RTF (46KB)Jun 2013Leprosy, Hansen's Disease, Mycobacterial Infection
Leptospirosis  (Adobe PDF document - 329KB) | RTF  (39KB)Dec 2012Leptospirosis

Listeriosis  (Adobe PDF document - 319KB) | RTF  (19KB)

Jun 2012Listeria, foodborne disease
Mantoux test (tuberculin skin test) (Adobe PDF document - 232KB) | RTF (830KB)May 2015Tuberculosis testing, Mantoux test, Tuberculin skin test
Malaria  (Adobe PDF document - 284KB) | RTF (47KB)Dec 2012Malaria prevention
Measles (Adobe PDF document - 181KB) | RTF  (1787KB)Oct 2013Measles, vaccination
Measles contact information  (Adobe PDF document - 189KB) | RTF  (1787KB)Oct 2013Measles contact information
Measles information for general practitioners  (Adobe PDF document - 330KB) I DOCX (35KB)Jun 2014Measles information for doctors

Melioidosis  (Adobe PDF document - 215KB) | RTF (931KB)

Melioidosis (Plain Language) (Adobe PDF document - 206KB) I DOCX (81KB)

Melioidosis poster  (Adobe PDF document - 1079KB)


Dec 2015

Translations 2012
Melioidosis Arabic translation  (Adobe PDF document - 143KB)
Melioidosis Bahasa Indonesian translation  (Adobe PDF document - 27KB)
Melioidosis Dari translation  (Adobe PDF document - 129KB)
Melioidosis Farsi translation  (Adobe PDF document - 173KB)
Melioidosis Kurdish translation  (Adobe PDF document - 90KB)

Meningococcal disease  (Adobe PDF document - 220KB) | RTF  (781KB)Dec 2014Meningococcal disease
Meningitis - viralNov 2012Staying Healthy provides fact sheets for childhood diseases for parents, child care centres and preschools, see p130.
Mosquito-borne diseases  (Adobe PDF document - 180KB) | RTF  (9448KB)Aug 2016Translations 2014
Mosquito-borne diseases Arabic translation  (Adobe PDF document - 316KB)
Mosquito-borne diseases Bahasa Indonesian translation (Adobe PDF document - 232KB)
Mosquito-borne diseases Dari translation  (Adobe PDF document - 361KB)
Mosquito-borne diseases Farsi translation 2012 (Adobe PDF document - 385KB)
Mosquito-borne diseases Kurdish translation (Adobe PDF document - 295KB)
Mumps  (Adobe PDF document - 887KB) | RTF  (1612KB)Jun 2016Mumps, vaccination
Murray Valley encephalitis (MVE)  (Adobe PDF document - 268KB) | RTF  (25KB)Jan 2013Murray Valley encephlalitis, mosquito borne disease
Naegleria fowleri  (Adobe PDF document - 237KB) | RTF  (801KB)Jun 2015Primary amoebic meningitis
Non healing ulcers  (Adobe PDF document - 220KB) | RTF  (806KB)May 2015Vascular disease, diabetes, skin cancers, melioidosis, non-tuberculous Mycobactera, leprosy
Nontuberculous mycobacterial lung disease (Adobe PDF document - 208KB) I DOCX (46KB)May 2015NTMs are a group of bacteria in the same family as the organism that causes tuberculosis (TB).
Norovirus  (Adobe PDF document - 186KB) | RTF (763KB)Aug 2015Norovirus, gastroenteritis, foodborne disease
Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) information for general practitioners (Adobe PDF document - 362KB) | RTF  (109KB)Apr 2013Oseltamivir, Tamiflu, antiviral treatment for influenza
Pelvic inflammatory disease  (Adobe PDF document - 921KB) | RTF (46KB)Jan 2011Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), STI
Pertussis  (Adobe PDF document - 238KB) | RTF  (783KB)Aug 2015Pertussis, whooping cough
Pertussis information for medical practitioners (Adobe PDF document - 234KB) IDOCX (59KB)Aug 2015Pertussis information for medical practitioners
Pneumococcal disease  (Adobe PDF document - 910KB) | RTF  (529KB)Jan 2016Pneumococcal disease, vaccination
Prevaccination checklist (Adobe PDF document - 167KB) | RTF  (57KB)Jul 2013Prevaccination checklist
Pubic Lice  (Adobe PDF document - 139KB) | RTF  (1772KB)Sep 2013Pubic lice
Q Fever (Adobe PDF document - 141KB) | RTF (48KB) (9199KB)Aug 2016Q fever, vaccination
Rifampicin (Adobe PDF document - 279KB) | RTF  (44KB)Jan 2005Antibiotic preventive treatment
RoseolaNov 2012Staying Healthy provides fact sheets for childhood diseases for parents, child care centres and preschools, see p146.
Ross River virus  (Adobe PDF document - 280KB) | RTF  (27KB)Jan 2013

Translations 2012
Ross River virus Arabic translation  (Adobe PDF document - 168KB)
Ross River virus Bahasa Indonesian translation  (Adobe PDF document - 30KB)
Ross River virus Dari translation  (Adobe PDF document - 109KB)
Ross River virus Farsi translation  (Adobe PDF document - 198KB)
Ross River virus Kurdish translation  (Adobe PDF document - 94KB)

Rotavirus  (Adobe PDF document - 887KB) | RTF  (548KB)Nov 2015Rotavirus disease and vaccination information
Salmonellosis  (Adobe PDF document - 209KB) | RTF  (821KB)Jul 2014Gastroenteritis, foodborne disease
Scabies (Adobe PDF document - 220KB) | RTF  (796KB)Aug 2015Scabies
Scarlet feverNov 2013Staying Healthy provides fact sheets for childhood diseases for parents, child care centres and preschools, see p157.
Sexually transmitted infections  (Adobe PDF document - 137KB) | RTF  (9597KB)Aug 2016common STIs, sexual health check 
Scrub Typhus (Adobe PDF document - 54KB) | RTF  (46KB)Dec 2012Scrub typhus, Tropical infections
Shigellosis  (Adobe PDF document - 202KB) | RTF  (767KB)Aug 2015Gastroenteritis, foodborne disease
Shingles  (Adobe PDF document - 205KB) | RTF  (797KB)Jul 2014Shingles (Varicella Zoster) and vaccination information
Sporotrichosis (Adobe PDF document - 197KB) I DOC (42KB)Oct 2014Sporotrichosis is an infection caused by the fungus Sporothrix schenckii
Strongyloidiasis  (Adobe PDF document - 212KB) | RTF (771KB)Jun 2014Strongyloidiasis, round worm
Syphilis  (Adobe PDF document - 127KB) | RTF  (9566KB)Aug 2016Syphilis, STI
Trachoma  (Adobe PDF document - 230KB) | RTF  (755KB)Aug 2014Trachoma, Chlamydia trachomatis
TB test (Mantoux test)  (Adobe PDF document - 232KB)
English | RTF  (830KB)
May 2015

Translations 2011
Mantoux Arabic translation  (Adobe PDF document - 454KB)
Mantoux Bahasa Indonesian translation  (Adobe PDF document - 76KB)
Mantoux Burmese translation  (Adobe PDF document - 217KB)
Mantoux Dari translation (Adobe PDF document - 165KB)
Mantoux Farsi translation  (Adobe PDF document - 447KB)
Mantoux French translation  (Adobe PDF document - 227KB)
Mantoux Hazaragi translation  (Adobe PDF document - 110KB)
Mantoux Nepalese translation  (Adobe PDF document - 188KB)
Mantoux Somali translation  (Adobe PDF document - 235KB)
Mantoux Swahili translation  (Adobe PDF document - 234KB)
Mantoux Tamil translation  (Adobe PDF document - 219KB)

Treatment of latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) (Adobe PDF document - 150KB)
English | RTF (8253KB)

Sep 2016

Translantions 2011
LTBI Arabic translation (Adobe PDF document - 147KB)
LTBI Bahasa Indonesian translation (Adobe PDF document - 33KB)
LTBI Dari translation (Adobe PDF document - 118KB)
LTBI Hazaragi translation (Adobe PDF document - 117KB)
LTBI Swahili translation (Adobe PDF document - 84KB)
LTBI Somali translation (Adobe PDF document - 85KB)
LTBI Filipino translation (Adobe PDF document - 90KB)
LTBI Tamil translation  (Adobe PDF document - 90KB)
LTBI Vietnamese translation (Adobe PDF document - 153KB)

Trichomoniasis  (Adobe PDF document - 171KB) | RTF  (501KB)Apr 2014Trichomonas, STI
Tuberculosis treatment  (Adobe PDF document - 229KB) | RTF  (965KB)Mar 2015

Translations 2012
TB treatment Arabic translation  (Adobe PDF document - 412KB)
TB treatment Burmese translation  (Adobe PDF document - 163KB)
TB treatment Dari translation  (Adobe PDF document - 535KB)
TB treatment Farsi translation  (Adobe PDF document - 411KB)
TB treatment Filipino translation (Adobe PDF document - 84KB)
TB treatment Hazaragi translation  (Adobe PDF document - 327KB)
TB treatment Indonesian translation  (Adobe PDF document - 166KB)
TB treatment Swahili translation  (Adobe PDF document - 146KB)
TB treatment Somali translation (Adobe PDF document - 82KB)
TB treatment Tamil translation  (Adobe PDF document - 80KB)
TB treatment Vietnamese translation (Adobe PDF document - 183KB)

Tuberculosis vaccine (BCG)  (Adobe PDF document - 247KB) | RTF  (963KB)Aug 2014Tuberculosis vaccination (BCG)
Two step Mantoux skin testing for TB in high risk groups  (Adobe PDF document - 257KB) | RTF  (830KB)Jun 2015Two step Mantoux skin testing (tuberculin skin testing)
Tuberculosis - what you need to know (Adobe PDF document - 251KB) | RTF  (956KB)May 2015Tuberculosis
Typhoid and paratyphoid fever.pdf  (Adobe PDF document - 932KB)  | RTF  (19KB)Sep 2012Typhoid and paratyphoid fever, disease information and vaccination
Vaccination safety for adolescent girls  (Adobe PDF document - 188KB) | RTF  (81KB)Jul 2013Vaccination safety for adolescent girls
Vibrio bacterial disease (Adobe PDF document - 311KB) | RTF  (27KB)Dec 2012Vibrio bacterial infection, skin infections, septicaemia
Yersiniosis (Adobe PDF document - 197KB) I RTF (35KB)Apr 2014Yersiniosis
Zika virus informationn/aLink to information available on the Federal Department of Health website