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Chronic Diseases Network

What is the CDN?

The Chronic Diseases Network (CDN) is a consolidated group of people and organisations with an interest in reducing the rates of chronic diseases and their complications in the NT. The Network was set up in 1997 in response to the rising impact of chronic disease in the Northern Territory (NT) and its existence is a crucial enabling factor for the ongoing implementation of the Chronic Conditions Prevention and Management (CCPMS). The CDN encompasses a wide range of sectors and organisations in the NT and interstate and has in excess of 800 members within Australia.

The Department supports the Network by funding the position of CDN Coordinator and a Member Services Officer. The Coordinator's aim is to actively engage members of the CDN to work collaboratively and play a key role in the implementation and development of CCPMS. The CDN Coordinator and Member Services Officer are part of the Chronic Conditions Strategy Unit (CCSU) with the CDN Steering Committee providing guidance for the strategic direction of the Network and CCMPS.

The Role of the CDN Coordinator

The CDN Coordinator's Primary role is to lead the development, implementation and evaluation of the strategic directions for the NT Chronic Diseases Network (CDN), which has a key role in Chronic Disease initiatives across the NT.

The Role of the Member Services Officer

The Member Services Officer coordinates the production, development and distribution of the NT Chronic Diseases Network (CDN) products and publications to members. This position may also undertake a range of administrative functions.

The Aims, Products and Activities

The aim of the CDN is to support and facilitate amongst its members, an increase in:

  • Communication
  • Coordination
  • Collaboration and
  • Collective Memory

Some key products are:

  • The Chronicle A quarterly publication with contributions from members. It provides information on NT and interstate projects, innovations and related activities in the field of Chronic Disease. Each edition has a theme with the last edition for the year is devoted to the proceedings of the Annual CDN Conference. View current and past editions of The Chronicle
  • eCDNewsletter This is a fortnightly email sent to all members electronically informing them of current issues, upcoming events and new research and reports of interest published by various stakeholders.The eCDNewsletter welcomes contributions which can be forwarded to: [click here to send email] with relevant flyers, PDF attachments and/or links.

CDN Activities include:

  • Annual CDN Conference
    The CDN Conference provides opportunities for stakeholders to come together to communicate, collaborate and network, and to promote their services and activities. Over the years, it has become a key event on NT health professional's calendars with participation from both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander presenters and delegates on the rise. It traditionally includes a major focus on challenges and innovations in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

    The Conference has its own website for registration, abstract submission and general Conference information.
  • Combined Network Meetings
    The CDN, Medicare Local and Cancer Council NT work in partnership to enable local/regionally based service providers to network with each other in accessing multiple services and/or information through a Combined Network Meeting where locally based training and development opportunities are made available.

    They are open to anyone who is interested including GPs, Allied Health, Aboriginal Health workers, Nurses Practice Managers, Workers, Chronic Disease staff and Community Workers.

    Each representative's website address is provided below should you wish to learn more:
  • Chronic Diseases Network
  • Cancer Council NT
  • Medicare Local NT

Joining the Network

CDN Membership is FREE for organisations and individuals who have an interest in the area of Chronic Disease.

Download application form: CDN Membership form (Adobe PDF document - 35KB)

Membership Benefits entitle you to:

  • The Chronicle - a quarterly bulletin that delivers timely updates and summaries on NT and interstate projects, innovations and related activities
  • eCDNewsletters - a monthly email newsletter about current issues, upcoming events and opportunities, research and reports
  • Email List Updates - regular information on chronic diseases, initiatives and activities in the NT and interstate
  • Annual CDN Conference - held in September in the NT. This vital conference enables members to network, collaborate and exchange information
  • Chronic Diseases Network website - a useful site with resources, links and news.