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Implementation Plan 2014-2016 of the NT Chronic Conditions Prevention and Management Strategy 2010-2020


The implementation plan will guide government and non-government health organisations across the Northern Territory to provide best practice chronic care for Territorians. The document provides an outline of strategies and priority actions for 2014-2016.

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Northern Territory Chronic Conditions Self-Management Framework 2012-20202012The NT CCSM Framework should be used in conjunction with the NT CCPMS. The Framework was developed to provide guidance for systems and practice changes, as well as to assist health professionals to deliver evidence based self management support to ensure clients are prepared and empowered to self manage their health.Full details

CCPMS Annual Report 2011
& Executive Summary


The Northern Territory (NT) Chronic Conditions Prevention and Management Strategy 2010-2020 (CCPMS) is the current evidence-based Strategy on chronic conditions in the Northern Territory. The CCPMS encompasses broad, system-wide strategies to build and strengthen current systems for prevention and management of chronic conditions in the NT.

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CCPMS Annual Report 2010
& Executive Summary

Executive Summary of NT Chronic Conditions Prevention and Management Strategy (NT CCPMS) Annual Report 2010

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Northern Territory chronic conditions prevention & management strategy: implementation plan 2010-20122010The implementation plan provides an outline of strategies and actions for chronic conditions prevention and management from 2010 to 2012 in government and non-government health organisations, workplaces and communtities throughout the Northern Territory. The plan will be updated every three years throughout the life of the Northern Territory Chronic Conditions Prevention and Management StrategyFull details
Northern Territory Chronic Conditions Prevention and Management Strategy 2010 - 20202009

The Northern Territory (NT) Department of Health and Families has worked with partners in the non-government, private and Aboriginal health sectors and consulted widely with other stakeholders to develop the Strategy. It aims to improve the health and well being of all Territorians by reducing the incidence and impact of chronic conditions. Key evidence based strategies have been identified and form the framework for building and strengthening a system-wide response to prevent and reduce the impact of chronic conditions for all people in the NT, across the continuum of care and across the lifespan. The strategy focuses on Cardiovascular disease, Rheumatic heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, Chronic airways disease, Chronic kidney disease, Chronic mental illness and some cancers (associated with common risk factors for other chronic conditions). Underlying principles and key action areas are identified.

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Revision of the Preventable Chronic Disease Strategy: background paper, preventable chronic diseases in Aboriginal populations2009The purpose of this paper is to provide background information about chronic diseases in the Aboriginal population in the NT and to stimulate input and comment to assist in the revision of the Preventable Chronic diseases Strategy (PCDS) and implementation plan.Full details

Burden of Disease and Injury in the Northern Territory (Adobe PDF document - 720KB)


The report is the second Burden of Disease study for the Northern Territory and provides a comprehensive assessment for 177 conditions over the period from 1999 to 2003.

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An evaluation of the NT Preventable Chronic Disease Strategy2007

The Northern Territory Preventable Chronic Disease Strategy was launched in 1999. It was a strategic attempt to bring about change in the prevention, early detection, and management of chronic diseases in the NT, and at all levels of the health care system. Consulting Pty Ltd was commissioned to complete the evaluation of the NTPCDS. The methodology included undertaking focus group interviews, sourcing information and data identified in the gap analysis, collating and analysing materials and finalising a report with recommendations.

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Preventable Chronic Diseases Strategy - the Evidence Base


Evidence drawn from a collective review of the national and international literature over a three year period specifically for the purpose of informing 1999 Strategy development.

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Northern Territory Preventable Chronic Disease Strategy overview and framework


This document provides an overview of the NT Preventable Chronic Diseases Strategy. This document will be useful in defining a progressive implementation agenda for the PCDS, and framing the implementation plans.

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The ChronicleQuarterlyThe Chronicle is a quarterly publication with contributions from members. It contains stories on NT and interstate projects, innovations and related activities in the field of chronic disease. Each edition has a theme and one edition per year devoted to the proceedings of the annual Conference. Contributions can be forwarded to the CDN email. Contribution guidelines are available.