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Emergency Management & Disaster Arrangements

The Department of Health (DoH) are responsible for three key functional groups in the Northern Territory's emergency management arrangements.  A fourth functional group, on behalf of the Australian Government, has the responsibility to coordinate a National and International response for the recovery of patients, principally within the APEC region. 
Please see our Key Responsibilities for further information. 

NT All Hazards Approach

The Northern Territory Government is prepared to deal with emergencies and disasters through the Northern Territory Disasters Act, which is the responsibility of the Police Fire and Emergency Services Minister. 

Northern Territory emergency arrangements are based upon an 'All Hazards' approach and is implemented in stages starting at the local level and moving to a regional and then an NT or national response, depending on the extent of a disaster. 

DoH Emergency Management Framework

The Department of Health Emergency Management Plan (DoH Emergency Management Plan) is complementary to and consistent with the Northern Territory All Hazards Emergency Management Arrangements.   The plan is predominantly a pre-hospital response plan for major emergencies or disasters, mass casualty emergencies or major disease outbreaks, providing information to enable effective and coordinated medical, public health and welfare response. 

The DoH Emergency Management Framework is prepared under the auspices of the Disasters Act and the Medical Services Act. The latter Act advises that the Chief Executive (CE) of the Department of Health is responsible for the management of medical services and hospitals in the NT.