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Disaster Management

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Public Health Group - Region 1: Counter Disaster Plan

The Public Health Group - Region 1: Counter Disaster Plan (2011) is an update to the 2009 Plan that includes additional reference documents. The 2011 Plan is outcome-focused and provides a framework for the management and response to disasters by the Department's Public Health Group - Region 1. It also aims to increase the skill sets of Public Health Professionals with respect to disaster management.

This document reflects the changing roles of Public Health professionals towards contemporary disaster management practices, rather than focusing on a reactionary approach. The 2011 Plan is multi-disciplinary and recognises the important roles of other NT Government Agencies, and the Department's Functional Groups.

The 2011 Plan details the following:

  • Northern Territory Counter Disaster arrangements
  • Department of Health Counter Disaster arrangements
  • Public and Environmental Roles in a Disaster

Public Health Group - Counter Disaster Plan (Adobe PDF document - 2541KB)

Counter Disaster Plan - Reference Documents

Heat Stress

Guidelines to Prevent Heat StressAug 2011


Public Health Disaster Equipment List (Adobe PDF document - 36KB)Dec 2011


Treatment and Use of Bores after Flooding (Adobe PDF document - 396KB)2011
Sanitary Survey of Small Water Supply (Adobe PDF document - 31KB)Dec 2011
Precautionary Advice to Boil Water  (Adobe PDF document - 18KB)Mar 2011
Cancellation of Precautionary Advice to Boil Water  (Adobe PDF document - 18KB)Mar 2011
Disinfection of Water Tanks (Adobe PDF document - 49KB)Aug 2011

Onsite Wastewater Management


Code of Practice for Small On-Site Sewage and Sullage Treatment Systems and the Disposal or Reuse of Sewage Effluent (Adobe PDF document - 6556KB)

Nov 1996
Disposal of Septage from Onsite Wastewater SystemsAug 2011
Construction of Pit Toilets (Adobe PDF document - 46KB)Sep 2008

Food, Housing & Infrastructure

Evacuation Centre Site Assessment (Adobe PDF document - 23KB)Dec 2011
Survey of Housing in Response to Disaster (Adobe PDF document - 34KB)Dec 2011
Environmental Health Standards for Remote Communities in the NTJun 2001
Alternative Landfill Site Assessment (Adobe PDF document - 22KB)Dec 2011


Disasters and Medically Important Insects in the Northern TerritoryMar 2003

Fact Sheets - Disaster Management

Power Outages

Food Safety During Power Outages (Adobe PDF document - 42KB)Aug 2011100.1
Food Seizure (Adobe PDF document - 35KB)Aug 2011100.2
Power Outages - Swimming Pools & Spas (Adobe PDF document - 35KB)Aug 2011100.3
On-site Wastewater Systems & Power Outages (Adobe PDF document - 37KB)Aug 2011100.4


Floods and Personal Safety (Adobe PDF document - 33KB)Jan 2012101.1
Floods and Household Safety (Adobe PDF document - 31KB)Aug 2011101.2
Domestic Swimming Pools Inundated with Floodwater (Adobe PDF document - 28KB)Dec 2011101.3
Looking After Your Yard After a Flood (Adobe PDF document - 31KB)Dec 2011101.4
Food Safety and Vegetable Gardens after the Flood (Adobe PDF document - 31KB)Aug 2011101.5
Cleaning Rainwater Tanks Inundated with Floodwater (Adobe PDF document - 32KB)Dec 2011101.6
Contaminated Drinking Water (Adobe PDF document - 30KB)Oct 2011101.7
Hygiene (Adobe PDF document - 83KB)Dec 2011101.8


Restocking Priority Consumer Items after a Disaster (Adobe PDF document - 32KB)Aug 2011102.1
Melioidosis (Adobe PDF document - 31KB)Aug 2011102.2
Mosquitoes (Adobe PDF document - 34KB)Aug 2011102.3
Mozzie & Midge Bites (Adobe PDF document - 31KB)Aug 2011102.4
Post Disaster Guidelines for Food Businesses (Adobe PDF document - 31KB)Aug 2011102.5
Mould Growth and Your Health (Adobe PDF document - 48KB)Mar 2011102.6
72 Hour Emergency Food Kit (Adobe PDF document - 78KB)Aug 2011


Disposal of Dead Stock in Natural Disasters (Adobe PDF document - 40KB)Aug 2011102.8