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Radiation Protection

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Radiation Protection is a work unit within the Environmental Health Branch. It aims to ensure the health and safety of people, and their environment, by protecting them from harmful effects of radiation. This protection is achieved through legislation that authorises the sale, acquisition, possession, use, storage, transport and disposal of radioactive materials and radiation apparatus. These authorities are issued under the Radiation Protection Act. If you want to know more about the general requirements that are contained in the Radiation Protection Act, please read the fact sheet on the Act under Legislation.

Authorities are issued in the form of a licence to people covering the use of medical and industrial ionising radiation sources. In general, these sources and the place of use must be registered with this work unit.

Non-ionising radiation sources are registered only in specific areas that are listed in Schedule 2 of the current edition of the National Directory for Radiation Protection. This is a book that is published by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency and is available through their web page. At the moment, the only non-ionising radiation source in Schedule 2 is a tanning unit used for cosmetic purposes within a solarium. However, an application to register a tanning bed for commercial use, possession or sale of tanning beds will no longer be granted in the Northern Territory.

Forms on Microsoft Word

Please note that online application forms (SmartForms) are currently not available. Please use the following forms until further notice.


 A certificate of accreditation is an authority that is issued to cover the installation, testing, repair, servicing and decommissioning of a radiation source. Holders of a certificate of accreditation may issue a certificate of compliance. A certificate of compliance for each radiation source at a radiation place and/or a certificate of compliance for a radiation place are required and must be attached with each application for an authority under the Radiation Protection Act. A radiation protection adviser is expected to apply for a certificate of accreditation to test a radiation source. The successful applicant may then issue a certificate of compliance for a radiation place. A certificate of compliance for a radiation source or a radiation place may be obtained through employees of the following companies that are listed here:

Accreditation Company List (Adobe PDF document - 166KB)Jul 2016801

Certificate of Compliance for a Radiation Place

Regulation 10 of the Radiation Protection Regulations is the following:
"The occupier of a place where a radiation source is used or stored must ensure a copy of the current certificate of compliance for the place is on prominent display at the place. "

For a radiation place with only a single source, the certificate of compliance for a source may be displayed for the purpose of Regulation 10. Failure to display a certificate of compliance could incur an infringement notice of $130 or a penalty of $2,600 (I July 2009). The holder of a licence to use a radiation source may not use a radiation source unless there is a certificate of compliance on display at the radiation place. If you want to know about the process for registering a radiation place, an information sheet is available here:

Radiation Protection manages radiation-health policy through operational responsibilities on behalf of the Department of Health. It provides radiation-health advice to the public, Northern Territory agencies, Australian Government agencies and non-government organisations on radiation protection matters.

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The Radiation Protection Act commenced 5 October 2009.

Training for Radiation Protection

A course is available at Royal Darwin Hospital, training operators that work in remote clinics to take x-ray images at remote clinics, in the Northern Territory. For more information, please contact the X-ray Department at Royal Darwin Hospital, by telephone on 8922 8512.

Currently, there are no other courses available, in the Northern Territory, for training in radiation protection. Generally, the Northern Territory will accept a nationally, recognised training course as suitable training for the purpose of Radiation Protection Regulation 9.

Nationally recognised training courses may be found at the following location:


Personal Radiation Monitoring Services

The following is a brief list of personal radiation monitoring services (RMS) and a contact telephone number. This is not an extensive list and other service providers may provide an appropriate service. You should consider other service providers. If you operate a RMS or know of others who do, please contact us.

More information may be available at the following locations:


Name of RMSContact Number
Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA)1800 678 112
Australian Radiation Services (ARS) Pty Ltd(03) 9210 2000
Landauer Australasia(02) 8651 4000
National Radiation Laboratory (New Zealand)
Agent: Australian Radiation Services Pty Ltd
(03) 9877 4898

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Visit our Related Links page for more information on Radiation Protection. Application forms, some Codes of Practice and fact sheets, on various activities, are available here:

Application Forms and Codes of Practice

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