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In the Northern Territory we often get a surge in flu cases in March or April before the annual flu season in southern states. Therefore it is important to be vaccinated against influenza as early in the year as possible.

Flu can make you very unwell and can pose serious health risks to people, including pregnant women and anyone with serious, existing medical conditions. All people with these conditions  are encouraged to be vaccinated.

Up to date information about influenza infection and disease activity in Australia can be found at the  Department of Health and Ageing influenza webpage.

The 2016 seasonal influenza vaccine offers protection against the 4 strains of virus predicted to be those most commonly circulating in 2016, including the pandemic strain of 2009.

The influenza vaccine brand known as Fluvax® is not registered for use in children less than 5 years of age and caution should be used when using this vaccine in children less than 10 years of age. An alternative vaccine brand should be used in these age groups.

Download: Influenza Program 2016 information for providers (Adobe PDF document - 39KB) Idocx (71KB)

Everyone should take precautions to reduce the spread of influenza:

  • Stay at home and avoid other people when you are unwell
  • Practice good personal hygiene by washing your hands regularly and thoroughly
  • Cough or sneeze into your shoulder or a tissue.

People with ongoing medical conditions are urged to seek early medical attention if they develop flu-like symptoms.

Further information on the seasonal influenza vaccination is available by calling the Centre for Disease Control, Darwin on 8922  8044.