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Health Gains

Health Gains Planning (HGP) Branch is a branch within the Strategy and Reform Division of the Department. Health Gains Planning prepares health and wellbeing information to inform policy and service planning in the Northern Territory. It is a central reference service for value added statistical analysis, research and reporting on a wide range of relevant issues. The Branch operates under two specialised disciplines - Epidemiology and Health Economics.


The Epidemiology unit's core business is to monitor the health status of the Northern Territory population. The unit examines the spread of diseases and risk factors based on the collection of population level information, which includes mortality, cancer, perinatal and demographic information. 

The functions of the Epidemiology unit include:

  • monitoring and reporting health and risk factor trends,
  • collecting, managing and reporting cancer incidence through the NT Cancer Registry,
  • providing assistance in the search for relevant demographic, mortality, morbidity information,
  • undertaking specific research projects, where relevant to core responsibilities, and
  • providing support for students undergoing epidemiology training.

Health Economics 

The Health Economics unit supports departmental Executive through statistical and economic analyses, which inform decision making and strategic planning of health services in the Northern Territory.

The Health Economics unit applies economic and statistical methods to:

  • assist in the analysis of cost effective and efficient health intervention policies and strategies,
  • undertake economic and financial analysis and facilitate in decision support,
  • support programs in projecting the demand for and supply of health services,
  • inform resource allocation and strategic investment in health care,
  • undertake specific research projects, where relevant to core responsibilities, and
  • provide support for students undergoing health economics or statistical training.

Perinatal Registry