Health Promotion Strategy Unit


The Health Promotion Strategy Unit is part of the Health Development Branch in the NT Department of Health.

The Health Promotion Strategy Unit has a range of roles and functions. 

This includes;

  • working with a range of program areas within the Department to promote strategic thinking and improve policy making around health promotion and prevention
  • providing strategic advice on a range of issues, strategies and policies across the NT government
  • facilitating the development of a common understanding of health promotion concepts, terms and frameworks across the DoH
  • increasing health promotion and prevention capacity within the Health Services Division and more widely as appropriate
  • increasing the health promotion evidence base, especially related to health promotion and prevention practice

  We achieve this by:

  • collaborating with program areas on specific challenges and health issues, such as smoking cessation
  • coordinating opportunities to enable people working in health promotion to discuss common challenges and best practice
  • facilitating and implementing the development of sustainable, accredited, contemporary health promotion education and training
  • facilitating the DoH Health Promotion Network  
  • facilitating and supporting the implementation of QIPPS

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