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Alice Springs Hospital

Patients with a registered mobile phone number will receive a text message appointment reminder one to five working days prior to their scheduled appointment. It is the responsibility of the patient to inform the department of any changes in their contact details.

Outpatient Department & Specialist Clinics

Alice Springs Hospital Outpatient Department provides a range of medical and surgical specialist clinics. The Outpatient Department provides high quality, consumer centred care for persons who require treatment without an overnight stay in hospital.

Making an Appointment

Patients are referred to outpatient specialist services by General Practitioners (GP) as well as clinicians in the Emergency Department and inpatient wards. Referrals which do not include required information will be returned to the referring GP with a request for additional information.


Where possible, hospital staff will discuss the appointment time with the patient before booking an appointment via the phone. Patients will be offered a choice of appointment times and dates within the constraints of the clinic schedule and predicted availability. Geographical and social circumstances, such as the availability of transport will be considered in the allocation of appointment times.

 Non-urgent patients will receive notification of their appointment at least one week prior to their appointment. Appointment letters will be sent upon patient request.

What to bring?

It is recommended that patients bring:                 

  • Medicare card or health care card
  • A list of current medications
  • Any relevant X-rays /reports

When to contact us?

 It is your responsibility to advise OPD when:

  • you change your name, address or phone number;
  • you no longer need an appointment; or
  • you are unable to keep your appointment and need to reschedule it.

It is the patient's responsibility to attend their scheduled clinic appointment. Reasonable notice (24 hours) is required for rescheduling appointments so that other waiting patients can be offered specialist appointments.


Aboriginal Interpreter Service

  • Aboriginal Interpreter bookings are made through the Aboriginal Interpreter Service, Alice Springs, 89515576 OR
  • Contact the Aboriginal Interpreter Service. 24 Hour on-call service
    (08) 8999 8353 Arriving in the Outpatients Department

On the Day of Your Appointment

On arrival please speak to the receptionist. Patients will be asked to take a seat in the main waiting area until their name is called.

Please note that your allocated appointment time may not be the exact time you will be seen. We hope you understand that sometimes the specialist needs to respond to urgent situations, which could mean that appointments are delayed.

Additional information:

Alice Springs Hospital  Outpatient Department adheres to a "did not attend policy".

  • When a patient does not attend their scheduled specialist appointment, their medical history will be reviewed by a specialist.
  • Certain specialists may decide to remove the patient from the waiting list after one missed appointment.
  • Alternatively, the specialist may decide that urgent or non-urgent follow up care is required.
  • Where follow up is determined as urgent, the patient will be offered a second appointment. In the first instance, administrative staff will attempt to contact the patient via phone to book a second appointment.
  • For non-urgent care, patients will receive a letter inviting them to contact OPD to arrange another appointment. If the patient does not contact OPD within thirty days of the letter date, they will be discharged from the specialist clinic.
  • Patients, who miss two consecutive appointments, will be discharged from the specialist clinic.

ASH will exercise discretion to avoid disadvantaging patients in the case of genuine hardship, and other extenuating circumstances.

Contact us:

For general hospital related enquires patient should contact switch on 8951 7777.
For Outpatient Department please call us on 1800 761 855.
Monday to Friday 8AM - 4.21PM.