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Aboriginal Health Publications

For further publications on the subject of aboriginal health, please search our ePublications  repository or the Health Library Catalogue

Aboriginal Cultural Security - An outline of the Policy and its Implementation (Adobe PDF document - 374KB)| RTF (40KB)2008This Policy represents a significant step forward for the Territory's health and community services sector. It builds on the very real work we have invested in our partnership with Aboriginal communities and community controlled health services. It demonstrates to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Territorians our continuing commitment to drive forward and build on the gains we have made. It also recognises the valuable commitment of our staff to service, professionalism and to sound practice.n/a

Aboriginal health and families: a five year framework for action
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2005This framework for action is broken into two complementary sections. The first section relates to significant reform to the health and family wellbeing service platform in the NT. We need to ensure that the services we offer are accessible, balanced and that they contribute to sustained health and welfare gains for Aboriginal people. This framework for action focuses on the delivery of a set of balanced core services targeted at the most important periods and transition points in Territorian's lives. The second section covers reform to the quality and functioning of the health and family wellbeing system. The Government's objectives for improved health and family wellbeing for Aboriginal people need a system that delivers the best possible mix of resources to locations where they are needed.Full details






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