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Corporate Publications

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The annual reports summarise activities and outcomes during the financial years against the Government's framework for action, they inform our stakeholders of our progress and future challenges in improving the health of Territorians.


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Service Delivery Agreements (SDA)




The Service Delivery Agreements (SDA) and variations signed by the Top End and Central Australia Health Service Board Chairs under the new Health Services Act and accompanying SDA Performance Charter.

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The aim of the plan is to summarise how the organisation's resources, present and future, can best be harnessed in order to deliver sound outcomes across an increasingly diverse field of activities.

This plan complements the Corporate Plan. The aim is to summarise how the organisation's Information Management Services can best be harnessed in order to deliver sound outcomes.

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In 2009, former Chief Executive of the Department of Health and Families (DHF), Dr David Ashbridge, launched the Department of Health and Families Corporate Plan 2009-2012. He presented the Corporate Plan to Department staff, key Government and political representatives, associated non-government organisations, Aboriginal Medical Services and peak bodies.


Central Australia


East Arnhem


2012The purpose of the NT Renal Services Framework (2012-2017) is to guide the Northern Territory Government and other key service providers towards the appropriate combination of renal services to effectively manage demand.N/A
2011Information on issuing subpoenas within the Department of Health.



National Partnership Agreement reports are publicly available on the Productivity Commission's Steering Committee website www.pc.gov.au/gsp.



Consultation paper on Consequential Amendments to NT legislation and Transitional Matters related to the National Registration and Accreditation for the Health Professionals which is to commence on 1 July 2010. Written comment should be emailed to Linda.blair@nt.gov.au by 31 December 2009.


Royal Darwin Hospital (RDH) Reviews


These four independent reports relate to the security and management of Royal Darwin Hospital.
They detail concerns in several areas of operation at the hospital and importantly outline a way forward.

The Government will immediately start assessing how to best implement the recommendations to improve Royal Darwin Hospital and ultimately improve health outcomes for all Territorians.


Palmerston Health Precinct Redevelopment - Banscott Pty Ltd2008

The scoping study on the Palmerston Super Clinic was commissioned by the Department of Health and Families. The study was undertaken by Alan Bansemer in May 2008.

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Child Growth Charts in the Nothern Territory 2008 Discussion Paper

2008The purpose of this paper is to provide information about the new World Health Organisation (WHO) growth standards and growth references to help inform the decision about which growth reference is most appropriate for use in the Northern Territory (NT).Full Details

Maternity Services Model


Comprehensive review of Maternity Services, including ante-, peri- and post-natal services across the Northern Territory, initiated by the Department.

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The Northern Territory Department of Health and Community Services (NTDHCS) wanted to establish a more cohesive and coordinated approach to the provision of medical education and training to improve supply, flexibility and responsiveness, in line with national initiatives.

In July 2007, they commissioned RhED Consulting Pty Ltd to undertake an 8-week review of medical education and training across the NT.

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Strategic directions 2007-20092007Strategic Directions 2007-09 outlines the focus for priority action within the Department of Health and Community Services over the next three years. This document does not attempt to incorporate all of the work that is carried out across the department but instead, it has been developed to identify key priorities within a thematic approach.Full details

Northern Territory Community Services high risk audit: executive summary & recommendations

(Howard Bath report)

2007This report summarises the findings of an audit of the NT Community Services' management of their high risk clients, and lists 30 recommendations. The central objective of the audit was to assess whether current risk management strategies for client care in the Community Services Division reflect appropriate professional practice and models of care.Full details
Department Catering Policy - for 'one-off' events2007

The purpose of this document is to assist staff members from the Department of Health and Community Services to make appropriate food and drink choices when offering food as part of health education activities, catering for events involving clients, catering for department sponsored workshops or meetings, holding fundraising activities which are visible to the general public.

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Cardiac services in the Northern Territory 2006-20152006We were commissioned by the Northern Territory (NT) Department of Health and Community Services (DHCS) to carry out a review of current service delivery models for the prevention, early detection and management of cardiac services in the NT, and to develop a 10-year cardiac services plan.Full details
Northern Territory rehabilitation strategy 2006-20102006The Department of Health and Community Services' rehabilitation strategy will provide the basis for the planning of inter-disciplinary rehabilitation services for people with disabilities for the next five years in the Northern Territory, and operates within the Government's five-year framework Building healthier communities.Full details

Draft National Service Standards for Remote Area Access to Dialysis and Transplantation Services 

2005Draft standards to improve access to and choice of services, reduce inequalities and enhance the quality of dialysis and transplantation services available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians residing in remote and rural areas.Full Details
Palliative care strategy 2005-20092005This Strategy tackles the major priority areas and will lead to the growth, development and improvement of palliative care services. It acknowledges the difficulty of providing palliative care in remote areas, and the need to provide culturally appropriate care for Aboriginal people.Full details

The Department of Health and Community Services is committed to providing a safe working environment and has a zero tolerance of verbal abuse, violence and aggression against staff.

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Options for radiation oncology services in the Northern Territory: a report commissioned by the Government of the Northern Territory of Australia

(Barton and Frommer report)

2004This report's authors were commissioned to examine Northern Territory (NT) cancer patients' access to and utilisation of radiotherapy services; to assess the requirements for a radiation-oncology service in the NT; to identify and compare options for such a service; and to recommend a preferred service model.Full details
Building healthier communities: a framework for health and community services 2004-20092004This booklet describes our vision for the health and community services system in the Northern Territory over the next five years. Specifically, it outlines our framework for building healthier communities for all Territorians.Full details
Department of Health and Community Services corporate governance framework2004Good governance is about both achieving desired results and achieving them in the right way. It is also about the processes by which stakeholders articulate their interests, their input is absorbed, decisions are taken and decision-makers are accountable.Full details

Report of the review of the Northern Territory Department of Health and Community Services

(Bansemer report)

2003Terms of Reference: How to improve the quality of the delivery of health and community services in the NT through effective policy development and planning, integration of services, and efficient management of costs and resources. The financial and resource capacity of the department to deliver on the Government's priorities. Future demand pressures in the NT. Financial management and accountability. Service delivery sustainability.Full details
Framework for action in Central Australia2001The Framework for Action is meant to serve as a basis for decision making as well as clearly articulating what the service stands for, and how the service is structured and supported. This document records the model of remote primary health care service, management systems, organisational support and workforce development practices that enhance the provision of primary health care services to remote communities in the Alice Springs District.Full details
Guidelines for research and evaluation in THS1999These guidelines are for ALL people in THS who are conducting research themselves, or who are commissioning research by others on behalf of THS. "Research" for THS includes applied research and evaluation, but not routine monitoring.Full details