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Remote Health Atlas


The Remote Health Atlas website enables Remote Health Workers across the Northern Territory and visitors to the site to access comprehensive health resources online. It is hoped that the availability of this information is helpful to all users and visitors.

The site features information on a wide range of topics and it is a strong intention that the Atlas online will improve accessibility to current information regarding Remote Health Branch. While Departmental Health Centres hold a hard copy of the Atlas Folder, the online version should always be regarded as the current official version of any information.

The Atlas is a work in progress, with many topics still to be developed. Planned content is included in the Contents List, but unreleased content does not appear as an active link on this site. As Atlas content is released, links are activated.

Please contact us  and provide feedback on problems encountered or suggestions for improving the site or it's content.

What is the Atlas?

The Atlas provides governance and information for the staff of Remote Health Branch by:

  • setting standards
  • providing guidance
  • describing processes, and
  • providing other general information

Content is designed to fit within legislation and wider departmental policy. Similarly content is designed to blend with other Department Branches and service providers. Ultimately the Atlas is Remote Health Branch Policy / Protocol.

The Atlas does not generally seek to provide protocols for the managment of clinical conditions. It is important to note that Remote Health Branch has endorsed the protocols contained in the CARPA Standard Treatment Manual and the Women's Business Manual for use by all clinical staff working within the Branch. However when clinical best practice changes, or where a new requirement for clinical guidance emerges, interim advice is contained in the hard copy of the Additional Clinical Protocols Folder and Section 14  of the Atlas.

How is the Atlas Developed?

In general, initial drafts are written by a member of Remote Health Branch's Quality & Safety Team following relevant information gathering. Initial drafts are used as a basis for consultation with relevant experts and stakeholders within and external to the Branch. Consultation continues until there is an acceptable level of consensus and acceptance of the content.

Once an item reaches a final draft stage, it is circulated to members of the Central Australian and Top End Management Teams and Remote Health Executive Leadership Group for final comment and endorsement prior to official release and uploading onto this website.