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Renal Services

Our mission

Our mission is to improve renal heath in the Northern Territory.

We will achieve this through a high quality, client centred, holistic approach to the prevention, early detection and management of renal disease across the continuum of care.  We will provide accessible, accountable and reliable renal services that will reduce the number of people with deteriorating renal function.

Downloadable documents:


Renal Services Framework 2012 - 2017

The purpose of the NT Renal Services Framework (2012-2017) is to guide the Northern Territory Government and other key service providers towards the appropriate combination of renal services to effectively manage demand. The Framework builds upon service priorities identified in the 2005- 2009 Renal Strategy.

The Framework will provide:

  • A planned structure for development of renal services over the next  five  year period;
  • Identification and management of the drivers of demand for renal services;
  • A tool for strategic Territory wide planning to assist Health Services from primary to tertiary level services and including palliative care in delivery of renal and renal support services;
  • A model for ensuring high quality culturally appropriate patient /family centred care to people with CKD and end stage renal failure; and
  • Identification of priority service improvement areas.

The following items outline the work areas that have commenced in key areas to enable planning for the provision of a responsive and contemporary renal service:

  • Development of an input based costing study to ensure availability of actual dialysis costs to inform renal service development in a new activity based funding environment;
  • A more sensitive approach to demand modelling to support the provision of coordinated area based planning and dialysis closer to home;
  • Development of services structures to provide clear and consistent pathways to renal replacement therapy with a focus on "Home Therapies First";
  • Benchmarking initiatives with other services and national standards to ensure effective and responsive service provision; and
  • Development of a new care delivery models to ensure the workforce is sustainable and increased opportunity for Aboriginal people to work and participate in delivery of renal services.

Mobile Dialysis Bus

The Mobile Dialysis Bus is based in Alice Springs and provides renal patients who have relocated to main centres the opportunity to return to their home communities and receive dialysis for a limited time. The bus has two dialysis machines and is self-contained requiring only a connection to water to perform treatments.

Bookings for the bus can be made to attend Festivals and special events by contacting the Dialysis Bus Transport Officer at Flynn Drive Renal Unit.

Indigenous Renal Education Resources

A suite of renal educational resources has been developed for use by Indigenous people and health professionals. These resources include:

  • Kidney Stories Health Education Resource Series (15 PDF books which are used as flip charts)
  • Kidney Stories - Let the Medicine Come to You -  Peritoneal Dialysis promotion
  • Kidney stories- an eight chapter educational DVD providing information about kidney disease
  • Kidney Stories - Home dialysis training DVD
  • Kidney Problems - Stories about choices DVD

Flip charts and peritoneal dialysis DVD's can be downloaded from the Kidney Health Australia website:

The full set of resources as listed can be obtained from the Darwin University Print Shop with the price dependent on the quantity ordered. Contact: uniprint@cdu.edu.au


 For further information on renal services in the Territory, please contact us