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BreastScreenNT mobile 4WD

The BreastScreenNT mobile 4WD bus is a joint Australian and Territory Government initiative.

Truck Only_web.jpgThe mobile 4WD screened over 1,000 women in its first six months of operation in 2014 and continues to take life-saving breast screening services to some of the Northern Territory's most remote communities.

All women aged 50 - 74 years of age are encouraged to breast screen every 2 years!

Breast cancer is the most common cancer for Aboriginal women and late diagnosis can result in reduced survival rates. The BreastScreenNT mobile 4WD bus will assist in detecting cancer early and increase survival rates across the Territory.

The Cancer Screening Services Health Promotion team provides support for remote communities hosting the mobile 4WD and can be reached by contacting BreastScreenNT on 13 20 50.

BreastScreenNT partnerships

BreastScreenNT works in partnership with a wide range of organisations in the public, community and corporate sectors. 

There are many ways organisations can help raise awareness of the importance of regular breast screening for women:

  • Distribute breastscreenNT information resources to your staff, community or customers;
  • Promote the breastscreenNT website and the 13 20 50 number on staff payslips, workplace settings and on your website;
  • Include information about breastscreenNT in your staff newsletter or public areas of your workplace and promote the screening dates in your area;
  • Organise a free education session with our Health Promotion staff for female employees covering women's cancer screening topics: screening mammography, breast health, Pap smears and the HPV vaccine;

If your organisation is interested in supporting breastscreenNT and promoting breast screening to women, please contact the Health Promotion team on: (08) 8922 6442 or (08) 8922 6446 or email breastscreenNT.THS@nt.gov.au

Contact us

Phone 13 20 50 to make an appointment.

For all other enquiries phone (08) 892 26449 or fax (08) 892 26440.

If you have any questions about the breast screening program that are not answered in our Frequently Asked Questions, please send us an email to breastscreenNT.THS@nt.gov.au