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Women's Information Service (WISe)

What is WISe?

The WISe provides a free confidential information and referral service for all Territory women.

The service employs a full time Coordinator based at 55 North Stuart Highway in Alice Springs who can provide information and referrals to all women across the Northern Territory. 

Territory women - Get WISe! 


WISe has information about:

  • women's health and wellbeing;
  • women's safety,
  • education, training, finance and business issues and opportunities for women;
  • women's leadership and participation; and
  • work/life balance issues and supports.


WISe knows about the wide range of services, programs and activities relating to women in the Northern Territory and can suggest these and help women access these services.


WISe is part of the local community in Central Australia and has networks across the Territory and throughout Australia. The WISe Coordinator keeps up to date on all developments across Government, Non-Government and Community services, programs and activities. If the WISe Coordinator doesn't know, she will find out!

Ways to get WISe.

1.     WISe in person.

The WISe office is at 55 North Stuart highway in Alice Springs. The Coordinator may not always be in the office but you can make an appointment for a meeting.

2. Call WISe on the Freecall number1800 508 051

3. Call or fax WISe

Phone: (08) 8951 5174
Fax: (08) 8952 9087

4. Send WISe a letter

Women's Information Service (WISe) PO Box 721, Alice Springs, NT 0871

5. Send WISe an email

Email: [click here to send email]