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Alcohol and Other Drugs


The Alcohol and Other Drugs Program aims to minimise harm associated with the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, through a range of prevention, education, treatment and community action initiatives.

The material found on this Alcohol and Other Drugs sub-site is intended for public use and reproduction. In an effort to assist the community in making informed decisions about, and managing alcohol and other drug issues, general information, plus clinical links to reputable sites are provided with the intent to inform and educate.  

This sub-site is primarily for individuals, families and communities who are affected by alcohol and other drug issues, who are seeking general information about alcohol and other drugs, and issues specifically relating to the Northern Territory.

Strategic Directions for 2009-12

Priority Action Area - Targeting Smoking, Alcohol and Substance Abuse (Adobe PDF document - 1036KB)

Tackling substance abuse and the damage it causes

The issue of substance abuse, particularly alcohol with the devastating effect this has on entire communities, remains a key priority in the NT. The disruption to families, homes, and services will be addressed in a coordinated way across the whole of government. We will actively participate in actions to enable Territorians to reduce the impact of substance abuse and achieve improved health and social outcomes.

High levels of alcohol and other drug misuse across the Territory is damaging our way of life. Government has introduced innovative legislation providing the framework to tackle these issues and support initiatives to increase our capacity to respond through prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. Tackling substance abuse and the damage it causes is a key priority. We will work together with other relevant agencies, the non-government sector and the community to establish coordinated responses to address the associated social, health and well-being problems resulting from substance abuse. 

This theme has two major priority action areas: 

  • Actively engage in activities aimed at reducing the harm of alcohol misuse across Northern Territory communities
  • Implement smoking cessation and prevention activities across the community.

The Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and Other Drugs Conference

Visit the conference website  for further information on this year's event.







Last Reviewed: August 2009