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Grant Management System (GMS)

The Department has implemented a range of improvements to its grants management. The drivers for these improvements include:

  • a policy preference to improve transparency and to provide the opportunity for appropriate competition in the allocation of grants
  • a desire to focus funding and accountability on delivery of specified and measurable outputs
  • a need for improved data for service evaluation, planning and improvement.

The Department is focused on providing clear, consistent and transparent procedures regarding grants allocations, assessments, management and review and on ensuring that these procedures fulfil our legislative and Northern Territory Government policy requirements.  The Department's grants management is supported by the Integrated Grants Management Framework and the Grants Management System.

Grants Management System

Grant Management System Access

Grants Management System (GMS) is a simple, flexible and user-friendly tool that manages grant funding end-to-end.

GMS has been designed to meet the Best Practice guidelines as proposed by the Australian National Audit Office and to support the department's policy and business guidelines. GMS performs day-to-day grant management tasks and provides:

  • external service provider (ESP) access via the internet (e.g. to register as service providers and to apply for grants)
  • standard terms and conditions (in funding contract Part B) and the potential for negotiating special terms and conditions (in Part A)
  • an outputs catalogue (with approved outputs for incorporation into funding contracts)
  • reporting milestone schedules and payment schedules for each funding contract
  • recurrent, non-recurrent and asset payments (approved, released and submitted to the Government Accounting System for settlement every day)
  • funding contract variations (after a request from the service provider and consequent negotiations)
  • milestone acquittals and regular service provider performance reports.

Integrated Grants Management Framework

The Integrated Grants Management Framework provides departmental governance, policy and procedures for grants management and is focused on ensuring that:

  • a fair and consistent approach is taken
  • risks are visible and managed
  • policy is applied and compliance with that policy is effectively managed.

The Grants Management Policy and Grants Management Operating Guidelines provide:

  • a government/non-government partnership approach to funded service delivery
  • a clear objective for grants to deliver value for money
  • adoption of an end-to-end grants management cycle which ensures a rigorous approach to project development, risk identification and management, grant allocation, grant management, review and evaluation
  • a new funding contract with standard terms and conditions that reflect current best practice for grants funding and grants management
  • transparent approaches to grant allocation based on similar principles to those guiding procurement and contestability
  • a strong focus on outputs to be achieved by funded external service providers (ESPs) and accountability for those outputs
  • rigorous financial monitoring of grants.

Download the Framework and associated documents:

GMS Contacts

Grants Administration Unit

Phone: 1800 633 224
Fax: (08) 8999 2498
Email: grantsadministrationunit.doh@nt.gov.au

Grants Support Unit

Grants Liaison Officer
Phone: (08) 8999 2626