Biting midges to increase with full moon
Biting midges will be out in high numbers from 8 to 14 August coinciding with the full moon.
World Hepatitis Day - Love Your Liver
World Hepatitis Day on Monday 28 July aims to raise awareness and understanding about viral hepatitis and encourages people to love your liver.
Water Boil Alert Cancelled for Elliott
The water boil alert for the community of Elliot has been lifted and the water supply is once again safe to drink.
Influenza cases on the rise in Australia
The Centre for Disease Control strongly encourages Territorians who have not yet received the 2014 influenza vaccine to do so now as the number of cases of influenza reported in Australia is on the rise.
NT free of dengue mozzie again
An infestation of the dengue mosquito in Tennant Creek has been successfully eliminated.
Territorians to be alert for measles
Territorians are being warned to watch out for measles symptoms after a case was confirmed in a traveller on a flight from the Philippines.
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